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  • Teaching Computer Programming with Move the Turtle

    Move the Turtle is an iOS app for teaching computer programming to young children (ages 5 and up). It uses the classic Logo programming language and Turtle graphics, which have been used to teach programming to multiple generations now. The app does require a bit of knowledge of how list items can be rearranged on […]

  • Story Dice

    Story Dice is another brilliant mobile app from Thinkamingo. When you first play with it, you might wonder, “What does it do?” Well, this is a creative tool, not a game in itself. What do you do? You select 1-10 dice, then tap the screen to roll. The selected number of dice will appear with […]

  • Lists for Writers

    Over at our app development company, Thinkamingo, we’ve released a pretty cool writing tool! It’s called Lists for Writers and is available in the iTunes App Store, Amazon App Store, and Google Play. We’re busy porting it to Nook and Windows Phone, too! How can I use this tool in our homeschooling curriculum? Brainstorming. Do […]

  • Entrepreneurship and Thinkamingo

    We’ve been working very hard over here at Gifted Homeschooling on our new startup: Thinkamingo! It’s been a very interesting venture going through the incorporation process, and more importantly, the iOS app development process. We are a family business that designs and develops educational apps for mobile platforms. Our first app – Lists for Writers […]