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  • Five Ways to Handicap a Chess Game

    When you’re teaching chess to a weaker player, the difference in chess skill makes it hard to play a game. Here are five ways to handicap the game to even the chances: Take it easy on them. You don’t want to let them get away with making bad moves (that won’t improve their chess), so […]

  • Five Ways to Add Excitement to Chess

    After a little coaching and one game, most kids are ready to be done with chess for the day. Or maybe they refuse to even get started: “I don’t want to play another game of chess today!” Here are five ways to add excitement and continue to work on chess skills: Play with a clock. […]

  • EPGY Expansion

    Stanford’s outstanding EPGY program gets even better! Great news was released today! EPGY has consistently exceeded our expectations with each of our experiences with them. Directly from EPGY program: Stanford’s online high school adds grades seven, eight and nine The Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford University will be adding three additional grades to […]