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  • Resources for Teaching Chess

    Teaching chess to a home school student can be a challenge. Most parents can teach the moves and maybe a bit of strategy, but then it falls apart. Local chess clubs, co-op chess classes, and private chess coaching are the usual route to continue learning chess. But with some good resources, parents can teach solid […]

  • Eat This Not That!

    Over the weekend we found this great book at Sam’s Club, Eat This Not That! for Kids!. It’s an awesome real-world guide to nutrition for today’s kids. It covers everything from picking the right breakfast cereal to which restaurant / fast food meals are better choices. It’s full of photos of actual products and meals […]

  • Material World

    Material World: A Global Family Portrait is an excellent book for sort of a general social studies unit. It explores daily life for an average family from each of 30 countries. Our daughter was just fascinated with the book. One Amazon reviewer mentioned that they used it for their college level course, but it’s more […]