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  • Robot Arena: Design and Destroy

    Our 9 year old daughter loves robots. We have Lego Mindstorms and Vex robot kits, but one surprisingly good find has been Robot Arena: Design and Destroy, a PC video game that simulates BattleBots style robotic combat. The game is getting quite old, but it runs well on Windows XP. It does have some occasional […]

  • Liberty’s Kids

    Last year we were struggling with getting Elizabeth going on American History until we found Liberty’s Kids. Elizabeth had some interest in Egyptians and the middle ages but not much else as far as history. We tried The Complete Book of U.S. History workbook by School Specialty (Sam’s Club special) but she didn’t want to […]

  • Blink card game

    Last year I blogged about the card game Blink. It’s been an awesome game to play with both of our kids (8 and 4). There’s no reading required, so the 4 year old plays fine. I just deal him a somewhat smaller pile until he legitimately wins his fair share of games. We’ve gotten a […]