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  • Dropbox

    Dropbox is an online backup and file sharing tool. It works seamlessly with Windows/Mac/Linux to provide a “My Dropbox” folder that automatically synchronizes with their service. I installed it on our daughter’s laptop and told her to just save all her files in “My Dropbox”. She’s been able to do it just fine and all […]

  • Resources for Teaching Chess

    Teaching chess to a home school student can be a challenge. Most parents can teach the moves and maybe a bit of strategy, but then it falls apart. Local chess clubs, co-op chess classes, and private chess coaching are the usual route to continue learning chess. But with some good resources, parents can teach solid […]

  • Handwriting Help

    This week’s theme over at Teachnology is handwriting. There is a video for lefties, and tons of resources for making your own practice sheets. Check out the whole unit here. Teachnology is a fantastic resource for homeschoolers and supplemental work. Enjoy! Photo courtesy of Aby Arabit.

  • Planarity Insanity

    Do you get excited when your yo-yo gets tangled? Does your heart leap at the opportunity to rewind a gnarly skein of yarn? Planarity by John Tantalo just might be your dream come true! This incredible game is a great supplement to the study of planar graphs. The object of the game is to “untangle” […]

  • The Fantastic Contraption

    One of our family’s favorite pastimes is solving puzzles and Fantastic Contraption captivated us from the beginning. The goal of the game is to move a given object into the goal, a designated box. The object starts in a workspace where you build your contraption. There are just so many different possible solutions that we’ve […]