Eat This Not That!

Over the weekend we found this great book at Sam’s Club, Eat This Not That! for Kids!. It’s an awesome real-world guide to nutrition for today’s kids. It covers everything from picking the right breakfast cereal to which restaurant / fast food meals are better choices. It’s full of photos of actual products and meals to captivate visual learners.

Our daughter would not put it down and is actually getting a bit annoying criticizing everyone else’s food choices. That’s ok though. She’s had a few units nutrition and the food pyramid, but I don’t think she’s really understood the differences between real world food choices. How could she? Most adults don’t. The book might be a little light on emphasizing complete nutrition, whole grains, etc. especially if you’re really into nutrition, but if you’re a more typical family that doesn’t buy only organic and eats out from time to time, this should be a great fit.

The book is small enough to keep in the car so your gifted kid can drive you nuts every time you break down and hit the fast food drive-through. There is an adult version of the book.

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