Entrepreneurship and Thinkamingo

We’ve been working very hard over here at Gifted Homeschooling on our new startup: Thinkamingo! It’s been a very interesting venture going through the incorporation process, and more importantly, the iOS app development process. We are a family business that designs and develops educational apps for mobile platforms.

Our first app – Lists for Writers – was recently approved (yesterday!) and is now available for purchase in the iTunes App Store. We like it, our kids like it, and we think you will like it, too!

We are very excited to be on this journey as an entrepreneurial family! Yes, indeed, the kids are involved. Are they employees? Not really, but they do a number of tasks including: research and development, marketing, concept brainstorming, content writing, illustration, and testing. They have some other duties that are much less intellectual and creative like tidying up the employee breakroom (the kitchen table), light janitorial work (emptying trash bins), and other miscellaneous tasks related to the mailroom, gadget charging, etc. They have been very involved in the naming, corporate identity, and app idea brainstorming. Nurturing creative and skilled entrepreneurs seems to be the direction we’re going with our school goals.

It’s the real world out there and in here, at our kitchen table. Welcome.

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