Lists for Writers

Over at our app development company, Thinkamingo, we’ve released a pretty cool writing tool! It’s called Lists for Writers and is available in the iTunes App Store, Amazon App Store, and Google Play. We’re busy porting it to Nook and Windows Phone, too!

How can I use this tool in our homeschooling curriculum?

  1. Brainstorming. Do your students write short stories, novels, poems, letters, reports, or blogs? Every writing assignment begins with brainstorming. Lists for Writers gets your reluctant writer writing! By scanning various lists like Seven Basic Plots, for example, your writer may be able to hone in on a plot for his story. Developing outlines for the main characters in the story can be as easy as picking random character traits from the various character lists, or browsing for ideas or suggestions and carefully selecting something that fits.
  2. Spelling and Vocabulary.Spelling or vocabulary lists could be extracted from the lists for further exploration. Most of the lists do not provide definitions (the phobias list is an exception), so that could be an additional level of study.
  3. Geography. Use the lists of U.S. and World cities to match cities to states and countries by quizzing one another.
  4. Drawing. Practice your artistic skills by drawing a person and outfitting them from items on the clothing list! This could get crazy! Another interesting drawing exercise: draw a picture utilizing one or more of the colors from the colors list.
  5. Nature Study. Find natural occurring objects (plants, animals, minerals) that contain colors from the list of colors. Draw in a nature journal and write a description.

These are just a few ways you can use Lists for Writers in your daily homeschooling life!

Do you have an idea? Please share in the comments section! We love a good brainstorming session!

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