Material World

Material World: A Global Family Portrait is an excellent book for sort of a general social studies unit. It explores daily life for an average family from each of 30 countries. Our daughter was just fascinated with the book. One Amazon reviewer mentioned that they used it for their college level course, but it’s more of a coffee table photo book, not a dry textbook.

Five of the family photos are available on the PBS Nova website. Nova’s World in the Balance: The Population Paradox show covers some of the same material but is more concerned with population growth.

DK has a similar book, A Life Like Mine, which is completely focused on the daily life of kids around the world. Our daughter has also read that book repeatedly. One Amazon reviewer did warn that, since it’s produced with UNICEF, it does emphasize the importance of vaccinations and school, which wasn’t acceptable to her. That’s not much of a concern for us, but it is for some home schoolers.

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