Story Dice

Story Dice is another brilliant mobile app from Thinkamingo. When you first play with it, you might wonder, “What does it do?” Well, this is a creative tool, not a game in itself.

What do you do? You select 1-10 dice, then tap the screen to roll. The selected number of dice will appear with a random group of pictograms displayed, one per die. You can do a number of things with this set, but they all happen offline.

Where can I use this? It’s a mobile app, so you can use it anywhere! Yep. In the car, at the beach, in a bar, while eating a peach, at a park, on a plane, on a boat, or in the rain (well, I don’t really recommend this one, but it’s possible.) You can also use it in traditional settings like classrooms and campfires.

How can I use this? Thinkamingo has included some great suggestions inside the app with games and a journaling idea. One really fun activity is to participate in the 555 Super Short Story Challenge on Facebook! The idea here is to roll FIVE dice, create FIVE sentences, in FIVE minutes!!! That’s it! This is a lot of fun and it can be as simple or sophisticated as you like. You can post the screenshot of your dice roll to the Facebook page, then in the comments sections for the photo, post your 555 story!

“The whole village bustled with activity as they prepared for the magical tournament that afternoon. As the crowd processed to the enchanted stadium, the festival flags were raised and the court trumpeters sounded the official fanfare. King Kincaid, Queen Amelia, and Princess Esmerelda entered the royal box to watch the championship dragon battle. Mage Blackdeer, appearing in his dragon dueling armor, bowed deeply to the King and his court to present himself for battle. As he rose from his bow, a low, horrible roar full of dangerous promises filled the ears of the royal subjects, as all eyes turned to watch the dragon enter.”

Share your idea!

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