• Five Ways to Handicap a Chess Game

    When you’re teaching chess to a weaker player, the difference in chess skill makes it hard to play a game. Here are five ways to handicap the game to even the chances: Take it easy on them. You don’t want to let them get away with making bad moves (that won’t improve their chess), so […]

  • Five Ways to Add Excitement to Chess

    After a little coaching and one game, most kids are ready to be done with chess for the day. Or maybe they refuse to even get started: “I don’t want to play another game of chess today!” Here are five ways to add excitement and continue to work on chess skills: Play with a clock. […]

  • Resources for Teaching Chess

    Teaching chess to a home school student can be a challenge. Most parents can teach the moves and maybe a bit of strategy, but then it falls apart. Local chess clubs, co-op chess classes, and private chess coaching are the usual route to continue learning chess. But with some good resources, parents can teach solid […]