• Free Museum Day

    Free Museum Day is coming Sept. 26th. Not all museums participate (list here).

  • Book introductions from the NIV Study Bible

    The International Bible Society now has the book introductions from the NIV Study Bible available online. The introductions give the background and an outline for each book of the Bible. That can help understand who the author was, their intended audience, and time frame of each book. Note that most Bible study sources, including the […]

  • Planarity Insanity

    Do you get excited when your yo-yo gets tangled? Does your heart leap at the opportunity to rewind a gnarly skein of yarn? Planarity by John Tantalo just might be your dream come true! This incredible game is a great supplement to the study of planar graphs. The object of the game is to “untangle” […]

  • The Fantastic Contraption

    One of our family’s favorite pastimes is solving puzzles and Fantastic Contraption captivated us from the beginning. The goal of the game is to move a given object into the goal, a designated box. The object starts in a workspace where you build your contraption. There are just so many different possible solutions that we’ve […]

  • Free astronomy lessons

    This site has an excellent interactive slideshow that teachs you to recognize the basic star constellations and navigate by the night sky. Once you master those basic landmarks, Skymaps.com has full printable star charts.