• Teaching Computer Programming with Move the Turtle

    Move the Turtle is an iOS app for teaching computer programming to young children (ages 5 and up). It uses the classic Logo programming language and Turtle graphics, which have been used to teach programming to multiple generations now. The app does require a bit of knowledge of how list items can be rearranged on […]

  • EPGY Expansion

    Stanford’s outstanding EPGY program gets even better! Great news was released today! EPGY has consistently exceeded our expectations with each of our experiences with them. Directly from EPGY program: Stanford’s online high school adds grades seven, eight and nine The Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford University will be adding three additional grades to […]

  • Blink card game

    Last year I blogged about the card game Blink. It’s been an awesome game to play with both of our kids (8 and 4). There’s no reading required, so the 4 year old plays fine. I just deal him a somewhat smaller pile until he legitimately wins his fair share of games. We’ve gotten a […]

  • Planarity Insanity

    Do you get excited when your yo-yo gets tangled? Does your heart leap at the opportunity to rewind a gnarly skein of yarn? Planarity by John Tantalo just might be your dream come true! This incredible game is a great supplement to the study of planar graphs. The object of the game is to “untangle” […]