• Robot Arena: Design and Destroy

    Our 9 year old daughter loves robots. We have Lego Mindstorms and Vex robot kits, but one surprisingly good find has been Robot Arena: Design and Destroy, a PC video game that simulates BattleBots style robotic combat. The game is getting quite old, but it runs well on Windows XP. It does have some occasional […]

  • EPGY Expansion

    Stanford’s outstanding EPGY program gets even better! Great news was released today! EPGY has consistently exceeded our expectations with each of our experiences with them. Directly from EPGY program: Stanford’s online high school adds grades seven, eight and nine The Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford University will be adding three additional grades to […]

  • The Fantastic Contraption

    One of our family’s favorite pastimes is solving puzzles and Fantastic Contraption captivated us from the beginning. The goal of the game is to move a given object into the goal, a designated box. The object starts in a workspace where you build your contraption. There are just so many different possible solutions that we’ve […]

  • Free astronomy lessons

    This site has an excellent interactive slideshow that teachs you to recognize the basic star constellations and navigate by the night sky. Once you master those basic landmarks, Skymaps.com has full printable star charts.